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Cool user list

2007-10-14 00:43:33 by ripoffhitman


MUcrazyFan : Because it took me like 6 months to put him on the list.
Shikamaru999 : He asked for it in a comment, said please. He also sent me some videos of Dane Cook, who at the time wasn't famous and was actually funny.
PrivateJoker92 : Sent me a pm asking to be added, and that rock and roll is awesome.
tramps : BBS regular who is also and 06'er that makes good topics and is recognizable to the forums.
Twilight : BBS regular who actually read the page titled "Rules - READ THIS BEFORE POSTING!"
RockinPunk : Cause rock n roll, rocks!
flubeca : Cause rock n roll, rocks!
killslasher : Sent me like random pm's.
SevenSeize She likes photography a lot, which is hard to find, and I laugh at those who consider it not art related. And she is nice, and like the only mod who reads all the comments that are posted on her userpage.
greensucksbluerules: Cause he's friends with evilbowser, and I put him at the top because he made fun of kippthecool :)
TehreTard : As a token of my sorry... ness. I can't really think of a specific reason to put him on since i've been calling the guy an asshole for the last what, YEAR!
XD0042006 : I actually see you a lot on the forums, a lot of people call you fat lol. But ya, and so you don't whine and bitch, and for multiple writeen responses, and for following the terms of not being an ass, you are promoted!
xXCostelloXx :Because we made a deal, and he is also a cool guy with a CRAPLOAD of comments on his userpage.
Jack Morrison : Might be 4chan like, but a cool helpful dude who likes ska music, which ends up being pretty hard to find in people.
King-Sephiroth : Dude sent me some pm's a while ago, cool dude, also plays in a band, not like a 3 person but more like a hundred man band, school band.
greenfaerie4: cause she's like kewl, 'n stuff. A very good artist, also not snobbish about it, helpful, real nice girl.
Duh-Boss: Cool guy, sent me a pm, said please, and is funny as well. So ya, welcome to the list of people who didn't get rejected lol
FULLMETALHOBO21: Cool dude, don't talk to em much, but a honest guy.
Gorebastard: Talk to him sometimes, he has some really kickass music, some nice metal. Also just a cool guy.
Alicethedroog: Funny pictures, never seen such weird sketches, but I guess even art can make you laugh.
pHuXxXB0xX: Sent me like 5 random pm's in a row. Cool dude by the way.
Ejit: Plays halo, actually a intelligent user, now That, is hard to find.
SacredShit : Said please and has one kickass name! Also added some comments to my page, so you sir are promoted!
Robattle: Funniest fucking sig I have ever seen, and it doesn't even have nudity.
Adompeace: I gotta say, makes some pretty good punk music for a guy who is unsigned. Also helpful, sending me an email with the old version of a song. (More like 50, of the email, lol) href=Url for Adompeace's song
ninja2142 : Honestly, it gets really anoying when you have people go into the audio portal, vote on submissions, but then never review them. This guy as well as Adompeace gave me good critisizm on some of my submissions, and that is much better than the arrogant assholes going around zero bombing submissions because they think they know everything about everthing in terms of music.
Madcow: Women are really robots, o yes, anyone disagreeing is just stubborn.
Mechabloby: Weird name, weird topics, just, wierd.
Killerjeff : He isn't an ass anymore I guess, so ugh, you get on the list lol. To think how many stupid grudges I have had with people...
insertfunnyusername: Funny cool girl, also likes Reel Big Fish, but who can't I mean, I just can't see it possible.
Evilerbowser1001 : Sent me like 10 pm's, like 5 comments on my page, cool guy.
A8TG: Makes good posts, i've been seeing of a lot him in the forums today, that being october 17th.

The below list is for people I just put on to be nice, but probably barely know.

UnknownFear : He sent a PM with fractured english, so he is now king of the lower list
Biohasard : Sent a pm and threatened for top spot. Your request will not be filled but your ballsy'ness gets you as Governor of the lower list.
redfield95 : He said he'd do anything, ANYTHING
shafferpurr3 : He likes hooker tits, good enough for me.
mafiaclock321 : Because I like my limbs being attached to my body...
Dookiemaister : For pure irony. And he's kinda funny I guess.
metalgearray : Asked me in a pm indeedly.
Incubus-boy : Thou shalt be added for commenting, or something like that.
ShadowWest2k7 : He asked, and hands out cookies to random people, which is, I don't know.
squidy: Cause he bin kewl!
SaltshakerClock I see him comment on a lot of peoples userpages, and he said please.
smicothegreat: Cause Pico owns, and he said please...
PinballWizard976 : Because he likes classic rock a lot, and that is a good enough reason to put someone on this list, right?
I-Rule-Over-All : He said please
DarkWizard1992 : He asked me to, and talking british is funny.
iateamexican : he said please
crazylogic : He wants to be on the list I guess, and the link on his signature is awesome. Heil Satan!
LordZeebmork: To be nice
AWFULAWFUL : Actually, I don't know why I am adding him... but who cares.
Drildo : Slightly humourous username
Buster1 : He said he should be on the list.
VillainPact : He asked me to add someone else but i'll add him too. And every time I see the low amount of comments on his userpage it kills me inside
Knightsofthecircle : I'll add you even though your username sounds like a japanese rip-off of a disney movie
Life-Stream : Prooving that you can be on this list, and insult me at the same time
killerhatch : Apparently he's doing it right
jonaathan : Well with this guys name added I guess my list is now cool
dema-the-hedgehog : I will be forever loved
bgraybr : If you pm me I guess you are pretty much guaranteed a stop on this list.
hallaby : Claims to be awesome and cool
Jewdudewtf : For the feat of the common Jew.
TheSilverGuitar : Eh, it says guitar, good enough for me I guess
HighWayStar365 : Cause he's a highway star every day of the year,(but only on leap years)
lazyyMitch : He sent me multiple random pm's
The-Great-One : He sent me some random pm's
sk8erkid95 : He asked me to in a pm
LOLZILLA : For the lolz.
Splurda : He drew a cool picture of m-bot and posted 2 comments.
WatchurFLAG : I should start limiting the people who are on this list, shit, I wish I wasn't the user with this as their description.
greenfrost6 : Football and long walks on the beach, the most manly things to do!
NecroPunished : China thinks he's kool.
Robotchk12 : Said please and watches Robot Chicken... why the fuck IS he on the list you ask?
Alcohol1 : I have to say, never seen a guy loved by the public so quickly on this site, has to be the most well known 07'er, grats.
maddog1095 : Said please, likes halo a lot
Ashforpride: Good topics, good movies, gotta say he's one funny guy.
Chronamut : He indirectly asked, and you have to have a iq higher than 90 percent of newgrounds to do that.
Lizzardis : Learn to write properly and you might not always be at the bottom of this list.


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2007-10-14 16:57:09

I thought my sig was getting old, so I got a new one.

(Updated ) ripoffhitman responds:

I still consider it the best sig on newgrounds. Well, was, and thanks for the comment :) And iron-owns-u is a faggot.


2007-10-15 21:57:21

i fucking hate you too! bitch
(oh god i hope he adds me to his list)

ripoffhitman responds:

I'll add you to dah list because you speak your mind, and out of pure irony as well. Thanks for comment.


2007-10-16 01:54:45


ripoffhitman responds:

keh!, like I said, not finished with it. Thanks for comment!


2007-10-17 23:57:47

Yea, add me too...


ripoffhitman responds:

Actually i've seen a lot of yours posts today, ok guy, i'll add. Thanks for comment :)


2007-10-19 11:12:02

I'm really not a big fan of reel big fish. I just wanted to participate in some collab flash at the time.

ripoffhitman responds:

Don't say that man, don't say that, it's the best fucking band ever. But I still thought the collab was really cool, they're done collabs of atlesat like 5-10 of their songs, all having good scores.


2007-10-20 00:23:22

I sware if you don't put me on that list.......I'll start crying.


ripoffhitman responds:

Then start crying.. biatch. Jk


2007-10-20 20:03:34


ripoffhitman responds:

If I have you some cookies would you feel better? :(


2007-10-20 21:57:33

hey do I know you from some were?

(Updated ) ripoffhitman responds:

I go on the forums a lot of put stuff on peoples userpages. So maybe


2007-10-20 22:11:36

where's my name, you probably don't know me, i'm popular doh, and i've been on at least 24, wait no 25 today list like this, add now please??

(Updated ) ripoffhitman responds:

Well you said please..... so yes


2007-10-20 22:15:39

Igh bin cool!

ripoffhitman responds:

You have bin cool! :0


2007-10-21 17:36:46

I'm going to cry.

ripoffhitman responds:

Me to, it's just horrible, how could this have happened to us, and all so suddenly. Wait what are we crying about again?


2007-10-21 18:08:07

Damn I'm not cool :(

ripoffhitman responds:

No you're not cool, you're kewl :)


2007-10-22 00:37:47

Greensucksbluerules is just like the blue in his namesake...
He's pretty cool if you know him.

ripoffhitman responds:

Ok, i'll make sure to get to know the guy. :)


2007-10-22 19:23:55

Woo hoo!
This popped up when i googled my name, could'a sword I made it to another hate list.

(Updated ) ripoffhitman responds:

lol, good for you huh. Ya, this is on the fifth page when you search alicethedroog.


2007-10-22 22:07:02

I just noticed your entry for 'InsertFunnyUserName'
You call girls 'dudes'?

ripoffhitman responds:

Ya, i actually I do, I don't really consider dudet a word, but ya, i'll just change that sentence, thanks for the imformation.


2007-10-22 22:11:09

Twone: the face-melter of the group

ripoffhitman responds:

Sup man.


2007-10-22 23:51:50

I'm not even on there!
What is this nonsense?

ripoffhitman responds:

Nonsense, this is madness. Wait...


2007-10-23 11:22:23

Noyce! I'm kewl yay!


2007-10-23 23:03:43

"A8TG: Makes good posts, i've been seeing of a lot him in the forums today, that being october 17th."

Coolio, to the max.

ripoffhitman responds:

Eh man, I say what I think, and you seem to be a cool user. So ya, you deserve to be on the list :)


2007-10-23 23:19:00

I'm gonna make my own list, but with a twist.

Check it out tomorrow. PM me for details.


ripoffhitman responds:

Cool, I like the list idea, it helps people understand and get to know the good users on newgrounds, instead of triyng to look for 1 out of a hundred people who arn't just perverted jackasses.


2007-10-23 23:36:58

Well, I do it for the lawls.

ripoffhitman responds:

Go do your homework boi! And lawls received :)


2007-10-24 00:48:28

Done and done. PARTY TIME!

ripoffhitman responds:

We just came to party down,
Ah yeah, party down.
Killing every scene around.
We just came to party hardy hardy hardy hardy hardy!


2007-10-24 17:30:52


ripoffhitman responds:

Ah nothing, o ya I should try and go get bourne when I can.


2007-10-24 18:18:02

Fucking put me on.

ripoffhitman responds:

Ok, i'll be nice, but I don't really know you, so you're on the lower.


2007-10-24 19:27:20

Robobattle did have one awesome sig....... :-)

ripoffhitman responds:

Agreed, this is my do whatever the hell I want and get away with it badge. And thanks for commenting on my page, mods don't come here often :(


2007-10-25 00:34:07

*Comes in with lampshade over dick"

Wait...This isn't Jessica's party?

Uh oh...

ripoffhitman responds:

lol, that was a some what strange comment, in my opinion. ;)


2007-10-25 00:46:59

Yea, the key words.



ripoffhitman responds:

Eh it saves any conversation on the planet from turning into a fight, it's like a life saver for me. Say anything and add in my opinion to the end, and it sounds way niver. "That chick is a bimbo emo slut who should die in the dephs of hell for eternity so she can feel what pain is really like and then we'll see who is saying their life is so 'depressing'". "In my opinion".


2007-10-25 07:08:18

why am I not on the list?! is it because of the link I put in my sig?

ripoffhitman responds:

O, you get on the list now because of the link on your sig :)


2007-10-25 08:51:05

save you pennies, mebbe reel big fish will go on tour an play neat/at your town :D

check ticketmastaaaaaaa an stuff lawl

ripoffhitman responds:

I might try, but it is in denver, and I don't think my parents would let me go to denver and drop me off in the middle of a pit and come back 5 hours later.


2007-10-25 15:51:16

Woah - a list of favorite users without the big names on it. I admire that you're fighting against the temptation to suck up.

Well done.

ripoffhitman responds:

Thanks lol, I mean sure some of the big shots are big shots because they are funny, but I try to put users who are either smart, funny, nice, or multiples of them.


2007-10-25 18:27:23

Oh wow, I should have saved your RL picture before you changed it.


(Updated ) ripoffhitman responds:

Hey, um kinda weird to say, but sorry for being a jackass before, you were right. So ya, and i've been hearing from a lot of people you are a good dude, so ya, I was being an asshole and sorry for that man. And what um rl picture, cause I have all pictures still stored on my computer that I have put on my userpage.


2007-10-25 19:33:25

where the fuck am i asshole?

ripoffhitman responds:

Not on the list.


2007-10-25 23:10:34

Alright, I've picked you for the UOTW and I'll upload the picture tomorrow.

Kind of obvious it'd be you.

ripoffhitman responds:

Cool dude, nice idea as I said earlier, and also kinda like Timmysjp said about me, your not trying to just suck up to the big users when doing it :)


2007-10-25 23:36:19

hey? what about me... we talk to each other... and you replied to my band thing...

ripoffhitman responds:

Eh ok people, from now on just understand lol, I have over 100 pm's, so it's hard to recodnize everyone at once. But if you remind me, i'll add you. So don't think you shouldn't be on this list just because you arn't on it at the moment. So you are on the top, because you sent me 2 a while ago.


2007-10-26 15:59:29

Algebra Monkeys!

ripoffhitman responds:

They will one day rule the world!


2007-10-27 12:54:10

Why am I not on this list?

(Updated ) ripoffhitman responds:

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. You never asked, i'll just add that part to the top so people understand. You are on the list now.


2007-10-27 19:51:41

You am the weiner!

ripoffhitman responds:

NO YOU'RE THE WEINER! jk jk, thanks anyway man, i'll add it onto this news post.


2007-10-27 20:03:14

Add what onto the post? Is it my...deep dark secret...

ripoffhitman responds:

We all know your mum is... nvm lol. Onto the news post, THE ONE YOU ARE COMMENTING ON!


2007-10-27 21:41:55

Hey...can I be on the list? :D

ripoffhitman responds:

Yes, you can be on the list :)


2007-10-27 21:45:29

can i be on there? please?

(Updated ) ripoffhitman responds:

Ok, I see you comment on a lot of people's profiles anyway, so i'll give you a lil credit for that :)


2007-10-28 15:40:36

can i be on their plz plz plz????/

(Updated ) ripoffhitman responds:

Wow, you must really like halo 3. I am starting to get pissed off at it but you know, atleast it was better than the second...


2007-10-29 10:41:35

please? please. please!

(Updated ) ripoffhitman responds:

Ok :), but seriosly, how do you get so many comments on your userpage?


2007-10-29 15:47:15

i feel left out of teh l00p

(Updated ) ripoffhitman responds:

You can be on the list. Hey, matter o fact, you go on the top cause you put me on your list :)


2007-10-29 17:19:06


(Updated ) ripoffhitman responds:

And you too :)


2007-10-29 17:31:52

I'm glad you finally apologized. Well I'm done trolling you for good, but sorry about the RL picture comment, I mistaken you for that fucktard green-day-fan1.


(Updated ) ripoffhitman responds:

I can I admit I was being a jackass, and what does RL stand for anyway?


2007-10-29 19:11:33


(Updated ) ripoffhitman responds:

List, but what's with the hate lol. Ya, but I just hate everybodies pages being covered with what is the closest replication of pornography possible that if my parents see the screen are going to get pissed at me, that's all.


2007-10-30 05:30:10


I'm on there.
Thanks babeh, I'll ttyl ;)

ripoffhitman responds:

keh, np :)


2007-10-30 17:31:04

Real Life...

(Updated ) ripoffhitman responds:

O ok thanks. Just great, more internet acronyms to recodnize.


2007-10-30 18:32:36


ripoffhitman responds:

I know it's gona totally wreck da sity we gotta stop it!


2007-11-01 09:16:15 my name on the list by chance?

(Updated ) ripoffhitman responds:

Ya, actually it has been on for a few days now.